How to register private Nameservers on AskForHost Domain

If you have a Domain Name register with us, you can register Custom or Private Nameservers right from your Domain Panel available in our Customer Client Portal. All of your TLD Domains can be managed from your client portal except .pk TLD Domains. You can perform all sort of actions including Change Nameservers, Register Private Nameservers, Update your Whois Details etc

Question: What are Private or Custom Nameservers?
Private or Custom Nameservers are Nameservers of your Own Name Domain, such as if your Domain is, you can use Nameservers as, NS1.YOURDOMAIN.COM – NS2.YOURDOMAIN.COM using your Hosting Provider’s Nameserver IPs.

Question: How to register customer or private Nameservers on AskForHost?

  • To register your Custom Nameservers or Private Nameservers on your Domain Name, login to your AskForHost Client Portal.
  • Click on Domains => My Domains in Drop down menu on Top Navbar in Client Portal.
  • Click on Domain you want to register Private Nameservers for.
  • Click on Private Nameservers in Left Domain Menu.
  • Write your Nameserver and IP you want to register. For further details, check screenshot,
  • After putting your nameservers, click on Save Changes button. It will show success button.
  • 1st Private Nameserver is registered successfully. For 2nd Nameserver registration, repeat the above given steps.
  • For 2nd Nameservers, replace ns1 with ns2 and IP Address with 2nd Nameserver IP Address of your Hosting.
  • After putting your Nameserver details (NS & IP), click on Save Changes button. It will show success button.

Congratulations we have completed first part of nameserver registration successfully. Now we need to add A records in your Website DNS in your cPanel to point your Nameservers to DNS A records so your website can function properly. For adding DNS A Records in your website DNS Records, please follow the below given steps.

  • Login to your cPanel Account using your cPanel Login details sent you via email on registration.
  • Go to Domains Section and click on Advance Zone Editor option in cPanel.
    Adding A Records in DNS for Private Nameservers
  • In Add A Record Section, Select A in Type, put Nameserver name in Name Section i.e, NS1 without quotes, put 14400 values in TTL Section, put your Nameserver DNS IP Address in Address Section. For details see below given screenshot,
    Adding A Records in cPanel
  • Repeat the above Step for adding your 2nd Nameserver A Record. Replace ns2 in Name Section and replace IP Address with your 2nd IP Address of DNS in Address Section.

Once you complete the above given steps in cPanel Advance Zone Editor, your DNS Records for Nameserver A Records should look like the sreenshot given below.

Adding A records for Private Nameservers

Please remember that, you need to put IP Address of your Web Hosting Nameservers. You can get your Nameserver IPs from your Web Hosting Provider. Once you complete all the above given steps, go to your Domain Panel, Select your Domain, and update your Private Nameservers you just registered. After updating your private nameservers, go to Into DNS website and server your domain and check DNS Records. If any records are showing Red colored highlight, please follow the above given steps again and check what you missed. If you follow all the steps properly, your website wont show any Red colored highlights.

If you face any issues during registration of Nameservers or adding DNS A Records, please contact Support Team immediately.