5 Things to consider for choosing right web host

As a fact it really matters a lot which web host you choose for your website. Let’s understand this by assuming an example if you choose a web host not knowingly that it’s reliable, accessible, available 24/7 and secure what can happen is worse than you think! Like if your server is down and not accessible by your target customers that may lead to loss. Your customers will get annoyed and will probably shift to your other competitors. $66,240 was the grand amount lost per minute back in 2013 when Amazon website was down for like 30 minutes and it’s a big deal thou!

So here are a few things to consider wisely while choosing a web host for your website.

  1. Understand your website requirements

Being an owner understand what nature of your business is? Is it ecommerce website or live streaming website? Or it is a just simple informative website about your small business? Because if you’re running a big ecommerce site; shared hosting wouldn’t work fine for you!

  1. Predict your future plans

Off course nobody can predict the future that your website is going to rock the market or not! Everyone decides to start with shared hosting because he isn’t sure how his business will go in future. It’s not a bad idea but go for the hosts that gives you the opportunity to upgrade later.

  1. Know about their customer support

It’s really important to that the company you’re going to get hosting from is available to support you? How do they communicate with you? Is it a telephonic communication or email? I would say that go for telephonic communication because you can describe more elaborately on phone. Plus might possible that they won’t be online the time you drop them a mail.  Ask them about their host location? Their cpanels details! Are they using third party cpanels or they have their own?

  1. How secure their web host is?

Security is the most crucial factor to be considered because hackers are always ready to attack you. Hackers can get your credit card information and your details to hack your accounts. So that’s why you need to get all the relevant information about their security layers, their backup plans.

  1. Check their uptime

Make sure the host you’re getting gives your website uptime up to 100% or closer to it. Because this uptime will directly influence the visitors of your website. If you’re website isn’t available 24/7; your customers will shift to your competitors.

Hope you find that helpful! Keep visiting to get latest updates on web hosting. We’ll be glad to have your reviews in the comments below.