SSD WordPress Hosting for WordPress Blog! Good or Not?


If a WordPress blog can run perfectly fine on a normal shared hosting, why should we Upgrade our Web Hosting to SSD Hosting?
This a question a lot of bloggers are asking me since past weeks.
How SSD can boost the performance and speed of a WordPress Blog? What is the basic difference between SSD WordPress Hosting and Normal Shared Hosting? When you should Upgrade to SSD WordPress Hosting?

One of my client was arguing with me the other day whether he should go with SSD WordPress Hosting or Normal Shared Hosting. As he was just starting out, i suggested him to get normal shared hosting and upgrade later to SSD WordPress Hosting once you get good amount of traffic. But  he was still insisting to go with SSD WordPress Hosting as one of his fellow Blogger Friend recently upgraded his running WordPress blog to SSD WordPress Hosting and his WP Blog which was lagging and damn slow that time is now running smoothly and loads a lot faster. It took  me almost an hour to convince him to Signup for normal shared hosting and upgrade later to SSD WordPress Hosting. But that incident actually forced me to right this article as there are still plenty of WordPress Bloggers who don’t even know the difference between Normal Shared Hosting and SSD WordPress Hosting.


What is SSD Hosting?

SSD Hosting are based on Solid State Drives instead of Normal Drives. An SSD Drive does pretty much the same job like normal Hard Drive. It serves the same purpose such as storing data. But SSD Drives are actually performs much faster and better in very high usage circumstances. If you have very high I/O usage, normal Hard Drives may lag but on the other hand an SSD can perform the same task almost 40x faster than a normal hard Drive. If you do not have intensive I/O usage on your Servers, SSD Drives will perform the same way normal Hard Drives does, but if you have very high I/O on your Servers, using SSD Drives will boost the performance of running the High I/O Queries.
SSD Drives based Hosting is not just limited to WordPress Blogs, but any MySQL intensive website can perform a lot better on SSD Hosting than on Normal Shared Hosting, like a Forum, High I/O PHP Scripts, Joomla, WordPress etc etc


When Should You Upgrade to SSD WordPress Hosting?

If you are running your WordPress Blog on a Shared Web Hosting and you get decent amount of traffic and your WordPress Blog starts hitting the limits of your Shared Web Hosting then its time to Upgrade your Web Hosting from Shared Hosting to SSD WordPress Hosting.
Here is a valuable Question, WordPress Hosting is also Shared Hosting hosting on Shared Servers like normal Shared Hosting. Then why should one upgrade from one Shared Hosting to other Shared Hosting instead of upgrade to a VPS Server?

Here is the Answer, If you get decent amount of traffic on your Shared Hosting, and you starts hitting resources of your Shared Hosting then your provider will suggest you to upgrade to a VPS Server which will cost you handsome amount of money where you can still save a lot of bucks and can survive for good amount of time on SSD WordPress Hosting.
Basically WordPress or any other Large MySQL Intensive sites hits the CPU and Resources limits because of High I/O usage of their Blog. When a blog gets high traffic, it generates a lot of MySQL Queries where normal drives does not perform and run the mysql queries very quickly which generates high server load and Website and Server starts lagging. Where on the other hand same traffic blog performs faster on an SSD based Shared Hosting. SSD Drives performs 30 to 40x faster in high I/O usage. So when a large traffic based blogs generates large number of MySQL Queries on SSD based Web Hosting, Server completes all the queries quickly and web site / blog do not generate any kind of extra CPU Load. And same time the site which was lagging on Normal Shared Hosting, loads a lot faster on SSD based Web Hosting.
So a website which is causing high server load on a normal shared hosting can perform very well on SSD Shared Hosting. I have personally witnessed the websites which were lagging on a Shared Hosting, started working perfectly on SSD WordPress Hosting.



SSD WordPress Hosting can host only WordPress based Blogs / Websites?

SSD WordPress based Hosting Services are mostly designed for WordPress based Blogs with some special tweaking and other tools so a WordPress blog can perform a lot better and faster than a normal Shared Web Hosting. But SSD WordPress Hosting is never limited to just a WordPress based Web Site or Blog. Any kind of High I/O PHP/MySQL based website can perform very well on SSD based Web Hosting such as Vbulletin Forums, Xenforo Forums, Joomla, WP WooCommerce and all other PHP Scripts. If you have a high traffic Joomla based website and or a Vbulletin / Xenforo based high traffic forum and your websites are lagging and facing issues on a shared hosting, you should upgrade to an SSD Web Hosting immediately.