How can I get a Full Website Backup of my Account in cPanel?

If you are running a small personal website or running a professional business Blog, its always good and recommended to keep¬† your backups of all latest updates. Whatever if your web hosting provider Offers/Promise to keep Daily/Weekly Auto Backups, but its Also your Responsibility to keep daily or at least weekly backup copy of your website because Provider’s Backup System can fail, or can not restore a full functional website backup in emergency.

cPanel offers a Great Option Name as “Backup Wizard”. This option can help you to Generate your website files backup, mysql backup or even your mail box Backup. You can use this Option to Save your Full Website Backup so you can restore it in Emergency.

How to Access/Create Full Website Backup?
To access Backup wizard, you need to login to your cPanel, then go to “Files” Section in cPanel. (Follow Screen Shot)

Full website Backup

To Create a Full Website backup, click on “Backup Wizard” Option (See Above Screen Shot). When new Screen Appears, there will be two options to choose, you can choose the First Option “Backup” to backup your website/data.

Backup Wizard

On Next Screen, there will be almost 4 Options to choose,
1: Full Backup
2: Home Directory Backup
3: MySQL Database Backup
4: Email Forwarders and Filters

Please choose the very first Option “Full Backup”

Backup Wizard

On the Next Screen, you can setup

  • If you want to Backup your website in your current cPanel Home Directory
  • Remote FTP Server (Offsite Backup Server)
  • Secure Copy

We will prefer to keep a Copy in our Current cPanel Account Home Directory to keep a Copy of website on Server and can download a copy to Personal Computer. Keep your Email Option Active to Receive a notification when System generate the Backup.

Backup Wizard

Once backup is completed, you will receive an email notification.
A Green icon will appear in front of backup file name and backup file name will visible in Bold fonts. You can download the backup by clicking on backup file name.

Backup Wizard

Backup Wizard

Or, you can Access the backup file through
File Manager => Home Directory
in cPanel.


If you face any issues or confusion during generating your website backup, you can contact our Support Team anytime.